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Art is taught through our creative curriculum to link all areas of learning

Pupils at Queensbridge are encouraged to develop their creativity freely through art and design. The outstanding displays around the school show off our talent and success. Children start from developing their understanding of colour, texture and media in the foundation stage to express their imagination. As the children move on up through the school they use their sketchbooks to develop ideas in drawing, painting and collage. The children are taught key skills as outlined by the Chris Quigley curriculum for example learning about the primary and secondary colours and adding white and black to create tints and shades.

Art is taught through our creative curriculum to link all areas of learning. Examples include cross curricular literacy lessons where we draw the solution to the problem or paintings are used to excite children’s imaginations to write a story.

Queensbridge offers a range of exciting extra-curricular activities including sewing club and two art clubs. The whole school take part in creating the annual calendar. With the money raised we have bought a printing press which has been used by every class. If you hear of any exciting art and design opportunities (e.g. competitions) please do get in contact with the art coordinator.