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23 Jul Breakdown of Reception children’s attainment in EYFS Summer 2021 

Well done Reception Red and Green!

Despite all of the challenges of home learning and the pandemic, this year 73% of children are on track to get GLD through our teacher assessment. This is 6% higher than our last reported GLD results in 2019 which was 67% and is broadly in line with our teacher assessment of GLD for 2020 which was 78%. Girls, Boys and EAL no SEND are all doing very well across all areas of the curriculum. PPI and SEND are also doing very well. There is a slight dip within literacy and maths for this group however this is possibly due to Covid-19. Their catch-up curriculum back in school is working well and will continue in Sept 21.


% Breakdown of children’s attainment in EYFS Summer 2021 


GLD Meeting 

All (59) 

Expected to make GLD 


all areas of the 




C&L  78%
PD  81%
Literacy  76%
Maths  81%
Understanding the World  78%
EAD  80%












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