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Breakfast Club

cooked breakfast every day!

We now offer the option to pay for your meals, breakfast club and play centre conveniently online.  Please contact the office for your unique code.  A copy of the instructions can be downloaded below:


Breakfast Club is every day before school from 8am please make sure you arrive before 8.30am if you’d like some breakfast.  The cost of breakfast Club will be £2.50 per day as of Tuesday 7 June after half term 8-8.55am. Please let us know if you still require your place after the break and indicate which days your child will be registered for. Children must be registered. We have several free places to support families in need or crisis, low income households and pupil premium are targeted if they need support and a good breakfast to start their day. Please see the school office if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Please be reminded that children may only be dropped off at an earlier start of 7.45am with Diana with written permission by the Head Teacher. There will be an additional charge for this. See Ms Bailey if you are experiencing any difficulties. There is a concession rates for siblings.
Any child in arrears after half term will no longer be admitted tobreakfast club if the amount owing is not paid off in full.

Diana runs breakfast club and Varsha and Callum support her. Antonia does a cooked breakfast every day- pancakes, sausages, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs, beans and spaghetti on toast as well as crumpets, brioche, buns and toast.