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Creative Curriculum

At Queensbridge Primary School we teach our children through a creative topic-based curriculum

At Queensbridge we have an inclusive curriculum with a holistic approach that is relevant to all learners and reflects the communities we are part of. We celebrate one another’s cultural diversity and learn about different faiths and traditions. This creative curriculum is driven by our school values (perseverance, respect, possibilities and collaboration) so that learners develop a broad and deep understanding of key skills in curriculum subjects as well as becoming spiritually, morally and culturally aware of the national and global society we live in.


We do this by immersing children in their learning through cross curricular planning and learning opportunities. We foster a life-long love of learning in all areas through providing real life opportunities e.g. trips, launch days and special visitors. All staff have high expectations of children’s learning and behaviour. There is a clear understanding of the pedagogy that underpins outstanding teaching. Teaching and learning is driven by purposeful assessment in order to know where children are and where they need to be. Classrooms support the development of key skills as well as being reflective of our cross curricular approach.  This approach enables all learners to understand the possibilities in their learning and the future.


At Queensbridge we want to create reflective, engaged and excited learners. Our pupils are stimulated to be curious and ask questions. We aim to develop them to be independent and to have a mind-set where they are able to develop their own learning. They will persevere to achieve and are encouraged to discover through light bulb moments. Through providing these opportunities we aim to create learners that are able to use these tools to independently learn, thereby creating a cycle of success. Children know how to extend themselves. Our children recognise that failure and making mistakes is part of the learning process, encouraging them to take risks.







We provide:

  • High quality support provided, early identification of Special Needs
  • Taking children to another level ‘out of the box’ thinking- challenge for gifted and talented children
  • Every child is able to find their true talents…
  • Children learn in real life situations- how to negotiate, resolve conflict, problem solve and think for themselves
  • There is no limit on learning. We take children to unknown worlds…
  • The curriculum is planned to provoke lines of enquiry- the children ask the questions…
  • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding.
  • Pupils have a strong sense of right and wrong and use various techniques to resolve peacefully any disputes that may arise between them.

What the parents say:
‘ a cohesive and committed staff with outstanding leadership and an extremely friendly, welcoming atmosphere’
‘my child is so happy at school- she skips each morning!’
‘highly inclusive, with many opportunities provided to try different things, find childrens’ talents and real nurturing going on at the same time’

What the children say:
‘we have breakfast, lunch and dinner here – it’s like we live here!’
‘We get to do lots of tricky and hard work and get our brains going.’
‘You can imagine yourself in your own little world in the classroom’, recalling the pleasure of creative writing.
The teaching fires pupils’ enthusiasm and gives them a hunger for learning. Another pupil said, ‘I like to push myself to the next level’.                                         ‘We swap knowledge about what we’re learning’.

Pupils play an active role in assessing their own and their classmates’ work, and gain a good understanding of what makes an effective piece of writing

What Ofsted says:

(July 2011)

Pupils make outstanding progress because the teaching is outstanding and pupils are enthusiastic learners…topics are introduced throughout the school, giving teachers more opportunities to develop pupils’ skills across different subjects. For example, older pupils combine literacy and historical skills in a study of Britain during the Second World War. Pupils are very enthusiastic about this development, and they help in the planning. Music provision is another of the school’s strengths. Pupils love the visits and opportunities to participate in events such as the Hackney Music Festival.


(May 2008)

This is a good school, with outstanding aspects to its work. The headteacher’s dynamic leadership inspires and unites the whole school community and generates a real excitement about learning. A parent spoke for many when she said, ‘The atmosphere of inclusion and encouragement is wonderful’. Pupils love coming to school and take full advantage of the excellent extra-curricular activities. Their personal development and well-being are outstanding. They show one another great respect and work and play together harmoniously. Achievement is good.

For further information about our creative curriculum please contact Rhiannon Mapleston via the school office: