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History and Community

Historically this area of Hackney has had a high level of population turnover – this has been reflected in our school but now we have many children on our waiting list.

We are over subscribed- children love coming to school and are happy here! Every class is full.

We currently have the following classes:

Year 6 (two classes);Year 5 (two classes);Year 4 (two classes);Year 3 (two classes);Year 2 (two classes);Year 1 (two classes);Reception (two classes); Nursery

We also have an ‘Outstanding’  Children’s centre- Mapledene and Queensbridge Children’s Centre. Sarah Bailey OBE, Head Teacher is a National Leader of Education and also an Associate Ofsted inspector – we are also a National Teaching School- Future Stars Teaching School Alliance.

We have a high number of SEN with 92 children on the SEND register (20.4% of our 450 children).   We have 25 full time EHCP plans for a variety of needs- global delay, hearing impaired, visual impaired, autistic, aspergers, ADHD, speech language and communication difficulties, Moebius syndrome, cerebral palsy Downs and many other different needs which makes our school unique, vibrant, respectful of each other and varied. We are highly inclusive and love it this way. Every class has its challenges and the children and staff overcome many barriers together successfully. We also have 53% of children with English as an additional language. We all sign using Makaton and lead in restorative practice for the South of England and nationally.

Many children are known to Social Services and a large number of families have been referred for support. FSM 35% Turnover / mobility is very low. Staffing is completely stable. We grow our own teachers successfully through collaboration with Goldsmiths University and IOE/UCL and are a National Teaching School

Historically this area of Hackney has had a high level of population turnover – The Haggerston Estate was pulled down and re built which meant many families were re housed for a short while. This was been reflected in our school but now we have many children on our waiting list and children once they get a place they stay! Mobile pupils present multiple needs as they often have English as an additional language or a lack of consistent schooling. The impact of this means that the school has developed clear, precise induction procedures and monitoring practices. We have a high proportion of pupil premium which is spent very wisely and we are  PP System Leaders delivering workshops sharing our ideas and practice nationally.

The school took on Queensbridge and Mapledene Children’s Centre in September 2009- it has had three outstanding Ofsteds since 2010 for Early Years and Extended Services . It has been brought in line with the outstanding practice of the school with regard to tracking and care. It now offers extensive extended services and a really good provision for child care in this deprived area of Hackney.

Children continue to come in at a very low baseline. The Foundation Stage Home School Teacher visits all children prior to nursery/ Reception to see the children in their home setting providing details of language acquisition, favourite toys, food, parenting skills needed and social skills. This information is fed back to the nursery teacher on entry. Additional visits are made for targeted children in the summer term.