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Staff List

View the staff at Queensbridge Primary School


Senior Management Team


Sarah Bailey                                       Executive Head Teacher

Tracy Cullen                                       Business Manager

Nick Mallender                                 Deputy Head Inclusion/ SENCO/ Pastoral Care and support/ students/ CPD/ Teaching School

Jane Wagstaff                                   Assistant Head FSC/ SLT/ SLE FS/ Fire Marshall/Mentor/ Early Years EMA

Carly Newman                                  Assistant Head- Data and assessment lead

Lydia Stober                                       Assistant Head- Personal Development/SRE/ Behaviour, Safety, Well being /Pupil premium

Rhiannon Mapleston                      Assistant Head- curriculum/ art/ Y2 Orange



Sue Clarke                                          Office Manager/BFC Manager/ AS Club Coordinator/ PPA

Sophie Wood                                     Teaching School/ Computing SLE/ CPD

Andrea Boland                                    Reading Recovery full time/ Reading Coordinator/ SLE

Catherine Hope                                  Reading Recovery full time- term on and off!

Suzanne Barry                                    Gifted and Talented Teacher- Achievement 2 days/ SLE

Giovanni De Dominicis Site Manager/ Health and Safety


 Early Years Team


Shirley Dang                             Red Class Teacher Teacher/ RE

Steven Hodson                                 Nursery Teacher Music Coordinator/ Mapledene link teacher

Farida Dacas                                      NNEB Nursery 4 days/ PPA

Natasha Carra                                   Nursery Teaching Assistant

Sheri Balogan                                    Reception Red NEO /Student support/ PPA

Bonnie Jackson                                 Red Class Teacher/ Early Years Teaching School Support Training/FS Phase/ NQT’s/ PPA

Cheryl Bigby Loton                           Reception TA

Lauren King                                        Reception Green Teacher

LSAs/TAs                                             Jasmine/ Chantel /Momotaz/ Varsha/ Elizabeth/ Caroline/ Ian/ Kendall/ Luke/ Sophie/ Arifah

Didem/ Funke/ Tots/ Bana/ Leigh

Key Stage 1

Nisha Patel                                          Y1 Blue Class teacher/ PE

Ayesha Begum                                 Y1 Yellow Class / PPG/ deputy ks1 SEN/ Phase leader

Elizabeth Marozzi                            Y2 Purple Class Teacher/ science


 Lower Phase Key Stage 2

Natalie Anderson                             Y4E CT/ Music

Lily Kember                                        Y4A NQT

Amir Jones                                          Y4R NQT

Sophie Kern                                        Y3G CT/ global awareness/ Computing Coordinator

Jenny Hatch                                       Y3S CT- Spanish MFL SLE/ NQT mentor/ Writing and drama Co/ phase leader

Georgia Newbury                             Y3 Pink NQT


Upper Phase Key Stage 2

Adam Blakey                                     Y6S CT/ deputy ks2 SEN/ joint phase leader

Kiera Cullen                                        Y6D CT/ Maths/ joint phase leader

Phillipa Mapleston                           Y5A CT / Humanities

Bella Campbell                                  Y5T CT


Sue Frost                                             HLTA / language groups/ midday meals/ TS support/ SEN support

Scott Cullen                                        HLTA/ motor skills group/ PPA/TA (4 days)

HLTAs                                                   Sean/ Hollie

Kate Fumey                                       PPA Teacher/ EMA Coordinator/ writing tutorials/ numeracy tutorials/ Black History

Anita Vallence                                   PPA/ pupil premium


Other TA/LSA support  Alisa/ Selena 4/ Kurumi/ Tanya/ Sean/ David/ Hari 4/ Kate 4/ Clare/ Jasna/ Chalee

Caleb Joseph                    LSA/ ECC/ Senior Play Worker AFSC

Carol Higgs                                         Teaching Assistant/Senior midday meals

Behige Molina                                   EMA support/ LSA

Julian Erwin                                                          Lead LM Restorative Justice/ school council/ peer mediation/ class conferencing/ SLE/ TS

Samantha Sexton                            Senior Learning Mentor/SEAL small groups/ attendance/ gate

Sean Clarke                                        LSA/ Learning mentor support


Michelle Woolfenden/Osnat       Singing Assembly/ Choir Leader/ Music Team and Fran

Anna Sowerbutts                              Speech and Language Therapist

Linton Brown /Diana                        After School Club Workers/ Midday assistants

Judy Dunwoody                                SAO (2.5 day week)/ Attendance Officer/ Data

Antonia Chef (Ashlyns)                  Teresa/ Cheryline/ Momotaz/ Diana/ Jodi/ Rehena/ Jennifer


GOVERNORS- new constitution

Matthew Fox                                              Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor

Ms Naomi Ter-Berg                                  Community co-opted/ Teaching School

Cllr Tom Price                                              LEA Governor- finished term of office?

Alona Pardo            Parent Governor, Creative arts                             Helen Jerrold           Parent Governor, finance

Maira Aisaeva                                           Parent Governor, Turkish interpreter

Dipt Morjaria                                              VC, Community co-opted Governor, Child Protection Link Gov, safeguarding

Tracy Cullen                                                Staff Governor   (Carla Evans- Clerk to Governors) Sarah Bailey- Head Teacher

SIP            Calvin Henry