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Staff List

Staff List

Senior Management Team
Sarah Bailey Executive Head Teacher
Kate Dingle Deputy Head Teacher/ Curriculum/ pupil premium/ PHSE/T&L
Tracy Cullen Business Manager/ HR/ Premises/ Health and Safety
Sophie Wood Head of Teaching School/ ITT/ school direct/ PPA
Bonnie Jackson AHT/ EYFS Coordinator/ SLE EYFS/ Reception Red/ Phase leader
Kiera Cullen AHT- Data and assessment lead/ Y6 Diamond CT


Ayesha Begum Inclusion Senco 2.5 days
Adam Blakey Inclusion SENCo/ G and T/ PPA leadership cover
Sue Clarke Office Manager/BFC Manager/ AS Club Coordinator
Andrea Boland Reading Recovery full time/ Reading Coordinator/ SLE
Catherine Selwyn Reading Recovery full time
Site Manager Vacancy
Afet Nasif Nursery Class Teacher/ Computing lead
Funke Esendemir NEO/ LSA
Sonel Arowosekila NEO in training
Sheri Balogan Reception NEO /Student support/ PPA
Siobhan Maycraft Reception Green Teacher
Farida Dacas NNEB Nursery / PPA


Tom McFall Y1 Blue Class teacher NQT
Shirley Dang Y1 Yellow 3.5 days
Sophie Kern Y1 Yellow 2 days
Lily Kember Cover teacher PPA/ Forest School/ppi
Hollie Cornish Y2 Purple NQT
Jenny Hatch Y2 Orange  CT- Spanish MFL SLE


Sebastian Clark Y3 Gold CT  Writing Drama Dialogic Talk SLE/Learning Behaviours/ Film Club/ Debate Mate
Phillipa Mapleston Y3 CT  Humanities joint phase
Danielle Cline Y4R CT Science interim Joint phase
Dean Tanner Y4E CT interim art/dt
Felicity Whitton Y5Turquoise CT
Kate Fumey Y5 Amber EMA/ BH
Kiera Cullen Y6 Diamond CT/ Maths/ Upper KS2 phase lead
Jodie O’Donnell Y6 Crystal Class Teacher/ PE
Becca Whitaker Y6 Sapphire CT NQT


Geoff McCave School Direct Year 5
Mariana Koudela School Direct Year 4
Amy McKenna School Direct Year 4
Shaun Burton School Direct Year 3
Zoe Donaldson School Direct Year 2


Danel McFarlane Sports Coach
Caleb Joseph LSA/ ECC/ Senior Play Worker AFSC
Kurumi/ Didem Catch Up maths
Carol Higgs Senior midday meals
Behige Molina EMA support/ LSA
Julian Erwin Lead LM Restorative Justice/ school council/ peer mediation/ class conferencing/ SLE/ TS
Samantha Sexton Senior Learning Mentor/SEAL small groups/ attendance/ gate


Michelle Woolfenden/Osnat Singing Assembly/ Choir Leader/ Music Team and Fran
Anna Jurek Place to Be
Linton Brown /Diana After School Club Workers/ Midday assistants
Judy Dunwoody SAO (2.5 day week)/ Attendance Officer/ Data
Antonia Chef (Ashlyns) Teresa/ Cheryline/ Momotaz/ Diana/ Rehena/ Jennifer


GOVERNORS– new constitution
Matthew Fox Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor
Dipti Mouj VC, Community co-opted Governor, Child Protection Link Gov, safeguarding
Helen Jerrold VC Parent Governor, finance
Ms Naomi Ter-Berg Community co-opted/ Teaching School
Alban Webb LEA Governor- finished term of office?
Alona Pardo Parent Governor, Creative arts
Fran Hatton Parent Governor
Zahid Hasnain Community co-opted