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Our admission arrangements are as follows:

You can apply for a nursery place at any school once your child is two and a half.  You do this by coming to the school office with proof of address and your child’s birth certificate or passport.  You will also be given a short form to fill out.  This must be done on the premises and we do not send out forms.

Places at our school nursery are part time morning or afternoon. You are not guaranteed a nursery place and one of the major factors in giving out places is proximity to school.  A place in the school nursery does not guarantee a place in the school.

All admissions from Reception to Year 6 are handled by Hackney Learning Trust.  Please visit this page for further information.

All School places are applied for on-line at

If you would like to visit our school please contact the school office and 0207 2541186 and speak to Sue or Judy to book a place on a tour with the Headteacher.

Hackney Learning Trust’s Admission Guide for parents can be viewed and downloaded below: