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The vast majority of clubs are run by school staff who give up their own time to plan and run them

The vast majority of clubs are run by school staff who give up their own time to plan and run them. There is a small charge of £3 per session. Payments can be made weekly in certain circumstances otherwise in full please. You can pay by cash or by cheque made payable to Queensbridge Primary School. Where outside agencies are involved in running clubs, all staff are CRB checked and known to the school. Clubs are subject to change at different times of the year.

We like all pupils to access clubs, if you are having financial difficulties please come and see Tracy in the office. If you are in Rec-Y6 and you were entitled to Free School meals or have been in the last 6 years you may be entitled to one funded club place per child.  This does not guarantee a place.

Please make sure your child is collected on time, late collection could result in your child’s place being withdrawn from his/her club.

We will try our best to make sure that your child/children get one of his/her first choice of club depending on the response we receive back. If we have space we will try to offer your child/children a second and third club too. You will receive a text of confirmation from us to let you know which club your child/children have been offered. Please be patient waiting for your response as we have so many clubs to organise.

 List of Clubs for Autumn 2018


Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday  Tuesday   Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

Film Club

Yr3 to Yr5

Cricket Club Rec to Yr2 Only

Art Club

 Rec to Yr3

Debate Mate Yr6 Only  Malcolm Dance Classes


 Club Yr1 to Yr5

Boys Football

Rec to Yr2

Lego Club Rec to Yr3 Drama Club Yr3 to Yr5

Malcolm Dance

Yr3 to Yr6

Wednesday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Friday Friday
Book Club Yr4 and Yr5

Chess Club Beginners

Yr1 to Yr3

Boys Football QB Centre Yr3 to Yr6 Girls Football Rec to Yr2 Karate beginners Club

Girls Football

Yr3 to Yr6

Cricket Club Yr3 to Yr6