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Our rich curriculum offers children the opportunity to explore and take part in a variety dance, gymnastics and games activities

We are really proud of our Physical Education and School Sports provision here at Queensbridge, and have been actively working to raise the profile and give all children a chance to succeed. We are proactive in using government grants to improve the resources, equipment available and the breadth of sports we provide to our pupils!

PE Curriculum
Last summer our colourful celebrations at Sports Day were show-stopping! The teams paraded from the school to London Fields, as passers-by stopped in the street to admire the excitement and energy from Queensbridge children and staff.
We believe that there are many ways of winning in PE and school sport – it’s not just about who comes first. Teachers at Queensbridge encourage and value pupils, who show commitment, take part in different activities, think for themselves, are keen to improve, build up strength, stamina and confidence and most of all enjoy themselves!

Our rich curriculum offers children the opportunity to explore and take part in a variety dance, gymnastics and games activities. Both Reception classes have weekly Yoga sessions to in line with the schools mindfulness ethos and to help the little ones improve balance and coordination. Year 2 take up Tennis every Friday and Years 1-4 partake in Ballroom Dancing sessions, with the fantastic Malcolm Hill.
Year 3 attend weekly swimming lessons at Britannia Leisure Centre. Last year 50% of our year 3s were able to pass their 10 or 25 metres test! Amazing!

Queensbridge also offer extra-curricular clubs in girls and boys football, tap, cricket, and fencing. We are beginning to get more involved with inter-school competitions and are looking forward to getting involved with some exciting PE. We currently are linked with the Urswick School who are giving Year 5s an opportunity to take part in a new sports game called Tchoukball.

If you wish to contact our PE and School Sports coordinator, Nisha Patel, please do so through the school office.