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We believe in ingniting children’s curiousity; investigating, experimenting and researching to find out all about the world around them.

Science is a huge part of our curriculum! We believe in igniting children’s curiosity; investigating, experimenting and researching to find out about the world around them.

Our aim at Queensbridge is to not only provide a sound grasp of key scientific knowledge but use practical, hands-on science to help children discover key concepts for themselves and develop their scientific thinking.

The theme based approach to teaching at Queensbridge ensures that children learn scientific ideas in context and this inspires them to apply their knowledge to other aspects of their lives. Our creative curriculum also ensures that science is explored through cross-curricular learning, for example: recording data in maths lessons, communicating key findings during literacy and researching scientific topics using ICT.

We are passionate about providing additional extra-curricular experiences for our children too, including Totally Alive Farm Animals, Science Dome, Eagle Heights, Living Eggs and much more!