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Your Child

At Queensbridge Primary School our children are encouraged to speak out confidently and every child has a voice.

Queensbridge Primary School ensures that children are ready for the world ahead of them.  We want them to discover their true talents and flourish as:

  • Independent thinkers, enterprising and creative
  • Problem solvers, negotiators, reflective and thoughtful
  • Excellent communicators
  • Happy confident and curious learners, inspired and well motivated
  • Hard workers
  • Responsible members of the community
  • Good Citizens – children who are respectful, responsible, kind and caring.

Children throughout the school are represented by dynamic and democratically elected student councillors who meet regularly to discuss issues and ideas raised by their classes. All classes from Years 1 to 6 have a weekly meeting where they have the opportunity to offer their opinions on school issues. This ensures that all members of the Queensbridge community have a voice.

What our children say about our school:

‘We have a great education and they teach us things we don’t know.’ 

‘The teachers are kind and you can get lots of rewards.’ 

‘School makes us feel that when we are older we can get good jobs and more education.’ 

‘If anything is bothering you our learning mentor will sort it out and make it better.’ 

‘Our trips and our clubs are the best thing about school because they are fun and you learn different things’