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Mapeldene Children Centre

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At Mapledene & Queensbridge Children’s Centre we strive to provide a safe, happy and welcoming centre of excellence.


With opportunities for all, where good communication, shared purpose and responsibility and effective use of resources, contribute to the happy development of confident, motivated and respectful life-long learners.

We hope to provide a positive first start of learning experiences in a loving, caring and nurturing environment.

  • We work with parent/carers and the local community so that together we can build children’s confidence and self esteem

  • We aim to stimulate developmental learning in a calm, consistent and purposeful atmosphere and also have fun!

  • We encourage a healthy attitude towards life and learning

  • We build on our experiences and support each other in achieving our potential both emotionally and physically, showing mutual respect for each other, sharing a sense of belonging

  • A welcoming service which supports the local community

Download the Childrens Centre Nursery Application Form September 2019 here.

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