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School Uniform

School Uniform creates a sense of belonging!

The school uniform consists of an official Queensbridge logo royal blue cardigan or sweatshirt,


Queensbridge logo white polo shirt and dark grey skirt or trousers, and sensible shoes that can be fastened independently. Branded Queensbridge logo items can be purchased from:

Trutex School Wear, 31 Broadway Market, London E8 4ET.

P.E kit is sensible plimsolls or trainers and comfortable shorts and a T-shirt.


Please note that the Uniform Shop does not stock PE or book bags but you can buy these in the school office:

PE Bags: £5.50 

Book Bags:  £7.50  available from the school office only.

Our parents volunteers (Queensbridge Friends) regularly organise second hand uniform sale as well. You can purchase uniforms in great condition for only £1 an item. 

Organic cotton option

After some feedback on the polyester polos we looked into organic cotton fair trade uniform options last year and found a supplier that now have the Queensbridge embroidery set up.


For any parents interested in ordering just go onto the website, input your order and write Queensbridge in the order notes so they know for the embroidery. There’s no extra set up cost-we have already covered that. It will need to be delivered to your home address not to school.


Just select 1 embroidery on each item. Minimum order is 12 items or 8 with a small order charge. It can be a mix of sizes and styles-so you can order polo shirts, t-shirts and cardigans at the same time in different sizes.

Parent can join up to get a larger order together.


The price is £7.90 for the Fair trade Organic cotton Polo shirt incl embroidery. 


We also tried out the cotton poly Cardigan AC02J in Royal Blue-still looking for an organic cotton alternative but it’s available at £11.90 and is really nice quality. 


Some information below on polyester and organic cotton. From a climate change perspective reducing fossil fuel use is key and polyester is a fibre made from petroleum. At Queensbridge we do have an amazing second hand uniform community which also helps keeping clothes out of landfill!


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