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Physical Education

Our rich curriculum offers children the opportunity to explore and take part in a variety dance, gymnastics and games activities.

PE vision for Queensbridge

See our P.E curriculum overview here

We want all of our children to be physically active as well as mentally well.

Mindfulness starts in stretch and story in early years from Nursery. We want all to succeed, excel, be physically confident, healthy and fit, and realise the health benefits in later life of being active.

We intend to build character through sport and link with our school values including fairness and respect.

We include all and our planning from Nursery to Y6 builds on a progression of key skills.

Our rich cross- curriculum offers children the opportunity to explore and take part in a variety of sports and fitness activities.

We are really proud of our Physical Education and School Sports provision here at Queensbridge, and have been actively working to raise the profile and give all children a chance to succeed. We are proactive in using government grants to improve the resources, equipment available and the breadth of sports we provide to our pupils!

We believe that there are many ways of winning in PE and school sport – it is not just about who comes first. Teachers at Queensbridge encourage and value pupils, who show commitment, take part in different activities, think for themselves, are keen to improve, build up strength, stamina and confidence and most of all enjoy themselves!

Our rich curriculum offers children the opportunity to explore and take part in a wide range of sporting activities; here is a brief outline of the exciting opportunities we offer:

  • Nursery and reception have weekly Stretch and Story sessions; teachers have mentioned that they notice an improvement in the children’s motor skills and that many of the children, especially those with SEN, find it very relaxing, with breathing techniques.

  • Since 2020 we have participated in Daily Mile, which means the whole school run for 15 minutes a day before each year group’s lunch breaks. This is helping us all stay fit and helps to keep children focused in class.

  • We have cycling proficiency for Y5- riding on the road with qualified cycle experts from Hackney.

  • We continue to provide exciting cross-curricular opportunities for example dance lessons for Chinese New Year, Holi, Black History month and Diwali.

  • We continue our Sport Inspired programme from UBS, which features fantastic sports days at Britannia Leisure Centre. In 2020, Year 5 won the Team Spirit trophy – we aim to do the same this year!

  • Since 2018, Queensbridge has been part of the Active Movement programme. Teachers have been inventively incorporating movement and activity into lessons and encouraging children to be healthy for life. We do regular movement breaks between lessons and stand up to share thoughts.

  • Queensbridge also offer some super sporty extra-curricular clubs in girls and boys football. Watch out for pictures of our future footballers who compete against other schools every term!

  • We participate in the Hackney Half with the children running 1 mile of the half marathon. Children build up to the event each year, by partaking in a running club led by some of our fantastic parents!

  • We enjoyed a brilliant sports day last year and look forward to repeating the successes, celebrations and excitement this summer in Haggerston Park!

  • We run a lunchtime Boccia club for our children with SEND, which has helped develop perseverance and teamwork.

  • We have a fantastic cricket coach from Stoke Newington Cricket club who delivers weekly lessons to children after school.

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