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Behaviour & Attitude

At Queensbridge we pride ourselves for our restorative aproach and consistent positive praise

  School rules


 At Queensbridge we follow a consistent and fair behaviour procedure where we accentuate the positive. We have only three rules which encompass all areas. Where children are unable to follow the rules, we give proportionate and appropriate sanctions.


  Our three rules are:

  • We are ready we can show that we are listening and focussed, we are ready to work with everyone and try our best.

  • We are respectfulwe show respect by our choice of kind words and actions to everyone.

  • We are safewe move around the school safely, we use routines and instructions to keep ourselves safe and we stay safe online.


Ofsted January 2024

Pupils understand how the school expects them to behave. They are polite and well mannered. Older pupils act as role models for younger children. Staff manage behaviour with sensitivity and care.

  Attitudes to learning 


What did the children say in Summer 2021 Pupil Voice feedback about the new policy?


  • I know I need to be ready, respectful and safe. Ready for my learning means I listen well– Y1 

  • Being respectful means being nice to my friends and teachers and making sure they are happy - Y2 

  • We discuss a lot of being safe online as we spent so much time in the pandemic using google classroom. We, for example, don’t talk to people you don’t know or give personal information, like your password. we need to tell an adult if there is something you are unsure of – Y5

  • I like getting gold cards because it means I go to hot chocolate Friday – Y4 

  • When we do the right thing we get on the recognition board. I try to get on every day so I might get the gold certificate – Y3 

  • I know who to go to in school if I feel sad. We always talk about things like stranger danger in class as we are going to secondary school next year and will walk by ourselves – Y6

  • My teacher is funny and kind. I have nice friends. I am safe in school. Rec Green






 Behaviour and attitudes are exceptional in our school. Since changing to our three simple rules after the pandemic, we have low incidences of low level disruption and fewer high profile cases. 


 At Queensbridge we maintain a positive learning environment across the school where successes are celebrated consistently. Our children have high levels of respect for each other (one of our clear values). They play a highly positive role in creating a school environment in which commonalities are identified and celebrated, difference is valued and nurtured, and bullying and violence are not tolerated. 











Our children have positive attitudes to their learning and commitment to their education. They talk about being determined and our value of perseverance if they find things tricky. They are highly motivated and persistent in the face of difficulties. After the lockdown, they actively support each other’s well-being. Pupil voice, peer to peer support evidences this.

 School values are understood and upheld by all. The behaviour policy (here) was updated in line with our new system and shared widely. Pupil voice states that they feel well supported in school, happy and safe. Behaviour logs show minimal behaviour interventions. Where a child does make the same poor choice a parent is contacted, a letter is sent home and also uploaded onto SIMS. 

 Re-entry meetings are held for those who had challenging behaviour alongside the parent/ carer so all know what is expected to turn poor choices around.



 At Queensbridge sometimes we might internally exclude for making a persistent wrong choice, or to give the class a break.


We have never had any Permanent Exclusions (PEX) due to our inclusive culture and restorative approach to resolving conflict.


  Attendance 96.5%. 


Children say they enjoy coming to school, Pupil Voice June 2021. 


 Our children have high attendance, mostly come to school on time (at their bubble staggered times) and are always ready for their lessons. When this is not the case and an individual is late, interrupting the learning of others, we take appropriate, swift and effective action in line with our Attendance Policy (view the policy here)

 Effective processes are in place to monitor attendance. We are still feeling the effects of the pandemic on attendance but please if you have any anxieties then talk to a member of SMT and let’s work together to ensure your child comes to school every day, and on time.




 We log all kinds of bullying including incidents of Racist/HBT/gender/sexual bullying and write up our actions and f ollow ups. Often, in these incidences, we involve you as parents and a restorative meeting will be held with victims and perpetrator.


  Parent reports of bullying 

 Sometimes, you may as a parent want to report incidences of bullying to us and we are happy for you to meet with the class teacher in the first instance or meet with the DH or Head to follow up.


 The new behaviour policy combined with staggered break times has led to a decrease in behaviour incidents. Classrooms all have visible recognition boards and the children are aware of the three rules of Ready, Respectful and Safe. We will continue to build on these rules next year 2022 and build strategies for our most challenging children. 

  Summary of what we are proud of July 2021:

 The school has very high expectations of children’s behaviour and conduct.

The school has a highly developed system of restorative justice to ensure bullying is rare and swiftly dealt with.

Pupils are trained to resolve disputes through peer mediation.

As part of the computing and PSHE curriculum children know how to feel safe online. Digital leaders are trained to be advocates in online safety.

Relationships with adults and pupils are based on mutual respect based on the school’s core values.

Parents and leaders say that children demonstrate kindness to each other both in the classroom and the playground.

Ofsted January 2024

Pupils are happy and safe at this inclusive primary school. Staff encourage pupils to understand and appreciate each other’s views, and to value the diversity of the school’s community.


Ofsted January 2024

 Bullying is rare. Adults act quickly to stop it, when it happens. They help pupils to resolve any issues between them

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