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High levels of attendance and punctuality are important if children are to have a happy and successful time at school.

Attendance and Punctuality

 We want all of our children to be in every day. We pride ourselves on our amazing attendance. 97.6%  (May 2021) even after the pandemic. Children love being back in school, even in bubbles.





 Here at Queensbridge, our Curriculum is designed very carefully building up skills over time (progression) and sequenced so that it recaps, makes connections and aids the build up of long term memory over time. We drip feed particular vocabulary in all subjects. This is carefully planned by all coordinators and leaders from Nursery to Y6. 

If your child misses school, they are missing out on learning key skills, facts and consolidation. We have planned for their learning intricately. We do understand that some children will be poorly from time to time. We will not tolerate poor attendance and you will be challenged.

 We will follow up absences daily if you have not called in.

We will try and support if any child is having emotional issues or needs some extra support to feel equipped to start their school day. We have many professionals on site to help with this. Talk to us. We want your children to be every day so that they maximise their potential. We also want them not to miss out on essential learning or miss a lesson that helps them make a connection to another one.

 High levels of attendance and punctuality are important if children are to have a happy and successful time at Queensbridge. There is a proven link between attendance/punctuality and achievement at school. Missing days or arriving late means children fall behind in their academic work and makes it harder to establish and maintain friendships.

Children are expected to attend school on time every day and in school uniform.  In the case of illness parents should contact the school office on the first day that their child is absent from school. Covid has had an impact- let’s work together to ensure that there are no more gaps we need to fill.

 Any medical, dental appointments should be made outside of school hours and time off from school must be requested in writing and submitted to the Head Teacher. We have ZERO TOLERANCE to holidays in school terms except under extreme situations. 

 If you think your child is showing signs of reluctance to come to school please let us know as soon as possible so we can work with you to resolve any issues your child might be having.

We have an active follow up procedure in place and letters will be sent to any families who have persistent poor attendance or punctuality- don’t let us have to chase you- this is your child’s vital learning!

We, at times, even operate a Head Teacher/ Learning Mentor Service to help get children in at the start of the school day…

Is my child to ill to attend school?

It can be tricky  deciding whether or not to keep your child off school when they are unwell. The NHS has set up a very helpful page that gives clear and concise guidance  on  what parents should do when their child is unwell with some of the most common childhood ailments, including Covid 19.

Please have a read of the guidance here:


Ofsted January 2024

Pupils attend very well. Staff put appropriate support in place quickly to improve attendance, where necessary. Leaders provide effective professional development for staff, including teachers in the early stages of their careers.

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