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Exam, assessment results and performance tables

“Queensbridge Primary School is an outstanding school providing a high quality learning environment for pupils from a wide range of backgrounds.  Pupils make outstanding progress in acquiring knowledge and skills and developing all the personal qualities necessary to give them an excellent start to the next phase of their education.” Ofsted July 2011 

KS2 SATs Results 2022

This year’s results show that there is excellent practice that ensures all pupils have high levels of literacy and mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills appropriate to their age. 


In 2022, the attainment levels were above national in KS2:

Reading 76.27% (NA 74%)

Writing 72.9% (NA 69%)

GPS 74.57% (NA 72%) 

Maths 79.55% (NA 71%)


RWM combined 67.79% (NA 59%) and Science 83.05% (NA 79%).


We are thrilled for the children and teachers.

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