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Mental Health and wellbeing

Queensbridge Primary School works with Wamhs and  Place2Be

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The Wellbeing and Mental Health in Schools (WAMHS) project is an initiative led by the CAMHS Alliance with the support of the Children and Young People’s Integrated Commissioning work stream in City & Hackney.

This innovative service aims to improve mental health and wellbeing support for children and young people in schools, colleges, specialist and alternative provision education settings in City & Hackney.

At Queensbridge Primary School, Susie is our WAMHS worker. She is helping to develop our whole school approach to mental health, ensuring the whole school community have access to preventative and targeted support. We are also lucky to have support from Natalia (an Education Mental Health Practitioner) who offers group workshops and parent support. 


 WAHMS leaflet


Queensbridge Primary School works with Place2Be, a children’s mental health charity that helps pupils explore their emotions and feel better about themselves.

Children can go to the Place2Be room in school to express themselves by making art, playing or talking.





Why is Place2Be useful?

Sometimes children can feel particularly sad, confused, scared or angry.

Maybe something difficult happened at home, like losing a family member or parents separating. Or perhaps they’re struggling with something at school, like bullying.

This can make them behave differently, lose confidence in themselves or find it difficult to concentrate in class.

Place2Be is there to help children find ways to cope, so their worries don’t get in the way of their friendships, their learning or how they feel about themselves.

What does Place2Be do?

Place2Be’s professionals work with children one-to-one or in small groups, giving regular support for pupils who need it.

Children can also book a short appointment to talk about any problems or worries they have – this is called Place2Talk.

How does Place2Be work with adults?

Place2Be provides support and advice for parents and carers, as well as teachers and school staff. Get in touch with the Place2Be staff member below to find out more.

Place2Be always gets agreement from parents or carers before they support a child through one-to-one counselling. They also meet with parents or carers regularly to keep them updated and make sure they are involved from the start.

Any questions?

Clare Ford is our Mental Health Practitioner for Place2Be.

She is in school on Monday and Tuesday and you can either arrange to meet her at the school or get in touch using 

If you want to find out more about Place2Be visit

QB Year 4 mother 

"Thank you so much for all the support and guidance you’ve given to me to support X. He’s loved seeing you each week, but I know that because of your time together he has been able to move forward positively and keep his emotions stabilised and not become so overwhelmed or sad. I truly have my happy boy back."


‘Thank you very much for everything...for all you have done with X this year. He loves Queensbridge and having trusting adults has really helped and supported him this year.’ parent Year 5 child 


"Sometimes I don't know what to do. It helps me when I come here." Year 6 child


"X's confidence has improved - she is much more willing to put her hand up and answer questions on the carpet and her speaking is a strength. There's also much more confidence in a group work." teacher Year 1


"X has made some really tangible improvements this year. His concentration has improved, as has his sense reaction to criticism. He seems much more able to deal with being asked to stop whatever is distracting him and refocus without the previous tears or the sense of injustice."  teacher Year 4

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