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Some kind words from our school community and visitors

July 2023, Parent volunteer


Good morning Catherine,


I thought I would put together an email to share with you, how successful and helpful ‘Jump Into a Book together’ has been for Zenaiyah and I. I firstly want to thank you for the opportunity to take part. Being a part of this programme has really given me a chance to be more involved with Zenaiyah and her reading and helped Zenaiyah to really love reading.


Since taking part I have learnt new techniques to check Zenaiyah actually understands what it is that she is reading, and pick at her brain a little bit to get her to use her creative side to predict what she thinks will happen at the end of the book. Zenaiyah now likes to make her own book and write her own stories, using all these new words that she has picked up from just willingly picking up a book on her own and reading it or if I read to her.


Zenaiyah will now read any and everything (down to my text messages haha) and that is down to being a part of this, so Thank you. I look forward helping you run more session in September with the new Year 1’s and Year 2’s.


Kind Regards,

Britteny Dixon



September 2021,  Visit by Director of Education, Hackney 

Dear Sarah,


A huge thank you to you and the team for hosting our visit on Friday. We saw such a wide picture of educational excellence! From the younger children learning to read, through to older children learning to debate, the special provision and inclusion of the children at the ARP, and the great resourcing and skill at Mapledene for our youngest - it was very inspiring.


I was struck by the strength and alignment of mission across your whole team - and the very coherent and competent implementation across all we saw. The professional development programme too is clearly much appreciated and is part of an upward spiral of education quality and staff retention.


I also thought the care for the whole child e.g. daily mile, working with parents was very apparent. 


Your children really are getting a very high quality education.   Well done to all of you.


Thank you again for organising this for us.


With all best wishes to you and your team,



Director of Education


 September 2019, Art achievement letter from MP Meg Hillier

Letter to Queensbridge 


September 2021, Visit by principal secondary school adviser, School Performance & Improvement, Hackney Education

Dear Sarah


A personal note to say thank you for last week's visit and to give appreciation. There was a positive atmosphere in every classroom with pupils engaged and clearly settling back into their learning routines.  Staff were highly skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic for their children - always a great sign.  The relationships and consistency in values across the three parts visited was evident in your systems, the strong connection with your community, and the successful promotion of high quality education, care and belonging.  

 Great to see. 


Thank you


Anton Francic

Principal Secondary Adviser,  School Performance & Improvement

Hackney Education


May 2016, School To School Support Burnt Oak Primary School  – Medway.

Letter to Queensbridge Burnt Oak



Visit by Oslo Education Agency 6.11.14

Dear Sarah, Nick and JulianThank you so much for taking the time to speak to us on your work with restorative practices and for also giving us the opportunity to meet your pupils. Queensbridge is an exciting school and we learnt a lot from the work that you there during our visit.Thank you again for hosting us and I hope that we can continue to build on our relationship with Queensbridge Primary, and you are more than welcome to visit us any time.Hope to hear from you again soon!

Best regards,


Reading Recovery Visit 2/10/15

Dear Andrea and Catherine

I wanted to thank you again on behalf of all the teachers who came from the gipsy hill federation for yesterday’s visit. It gave us a huge amount of food for thought and the impact of the programme and how it is managed and valued within the school was really inspiring – so rich and focused. We are really looking forward to being able to roll it out in our schools and feel we now have a much better understanding of how to make it workable and ensure it has the most possible impact. Please also thank all the teachers and support staff who allowed us to come in and observe.

Kind regards,

Amelie Thompson

Head of Inclusion
Gipsy Hill Federation and Mayflower Federation



It was an absolute pleasure hosting Queensbridge Primary School Student Film Awards. The skills of the pupils involved in making the films were very impressive and it was wonderful seeing their reactions when watching their work on the big screen. The project itself is a fantastic way to encourage learning about film making and puts focus on teamwork needed when acting as a crew. The children in attendance were well behaved,  professional and talented. Fully deserving of the awards they were given. What a great way to encouraging young budding film makers and build a next generation of award winning creatives. Congratulations to the teachers organising this event and we would be more than happy to be your host venue in future.


Sara Lyttle

Audience Development Officer

Rio Cinema



I just wanted to let you know how fantastic your Year 4 children were yesterday at the primary/secondary Spanish conference.
They sang with fantastic pronunciation and accents as well as speaking confidently in front of 30 adults about learning Spanish.
The secondary teachers were very impressed and this was a great way to share with them the levels children are able to reach in primary so we can ensure smooth transition in the future.
Thank you again Jenny for organising.

(MFL Consultant)


“Thank you for bringing the children today.  I thought their behaviour was a credit to your school and colleagues and do of course feel free to pass that on.”

St Michael and All Angels Church

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