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Our School values are respect, collaboration, perseverance and possibilities

Our work in PSHE at Queensbridge is at the heart of our school vision. We aim to make sure the curriculum is embedded across the school and encompasses our school values; respect, collaboration, perseverance and possibilities. Some of our curriculum’s key aims are for children to:

  • Respect themselves as individuals, whilst developing an understanding, tolerance and acceptance for others and their differences

  • Develop a clear set of values and attitudes, including honesty and kindness and establishing a strong moral code

  • Value themselves as unique human beings, capable of spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical growth and development

  • Develop their varied abilities and talents fully setting achievable goals, learning to work and try hard, and understanding both success and failure

  • Develop an active role as a member of a family and of the community

Key areas for this year are the positive promotion of SMSC including British values, relationship and sex education, drug and alcohol education, E-safety and the championing of diversity.

Our PSHE curriculum is delivered through three key areas: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the wider world. Click here to see our PSHE-Curriculum-Framework

Here is a link to our New Whole School Diversity Video!


Researchers support the idea that children do better in school overall, if they are given frequent brain breaks. We ensure the children participate in ‘brain breaks’ as part of the regular school day to them refocus and increase their productivity. Our Active movement approach also supports this by stimulating the brain. For more information see PE.

‘Stretch and Story’ is a yoga programme for children. Our year 1 and year 3 children currently participate in this weekly

RSE (Relationships and Sex Education)

Queensbridge teaches whole school RSE every year. The Christopher Winter project provides a comprehensive scheme of work, lesson plans and resources. Children are taught in class by their class teacher with some support and guidance from the PSHE coordinator. Through the project children learn how to respect each other and their bodies and learn how to make informed choices. As part of RSE we also use Stonewall resources to celebrate difference.

For more information please see Parents Presentation here

Understanding Relationships and Health Education in your child’s primary school: a guide for parents

See Statutory guidance here 

Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol education is incorporated into the curriculum from Early Years to Year 6 Queensbridge. We use the PSHE association resources to inform and educate pupils in drug, alcohol and tobacco use and misuse and to develop an understanding of related health and social issues.



At Queensbridge we aim to embed online safety into all aspects of our computing curriculum along with teaching explicit e-safety lessons and through Safer Internet day activities.

We are constantly evolving our approach and adapting to the needs of the children we teach. 

For more information please see our Online safety page here

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