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E-Safety Newsletter

NGL is another of those 'bolt-on' apps which is designed to work alongside a major social media network. In this instance, the 'host' platforms are Instagram and Twitter – with NGL (meaning, as you may have surmised, 'Not Gonna Lie') inviting a user's friends and followers to ask them questions anonymously. An intriguing novelty, perhaps – but also not without risk.

Human nature being what it is, some people take the smokescreen of online anonymity as an excuse to behave in ways that they certainly wouldn't if their identity were visible. The idea of exposing young social media users to anonymous messages is one which understandably concerns many parents: our #WakeUpWednesday guide brings you the facts about NGL. This free online safety guide looks at NGL – an anonymous messaging app.

This guide will highlight a number of potential risks including oversharing, cyber-bullying and potentially costly subscription fees.

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