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Restorative Approaches

Queensbridge Primary School uses restorative practices to help the children handle conflict and to manage behaviour. 

Our restorative approach is led by  Sam, Lead Learning Mentor and Caleb.

Here Sam answers some of your questions:

What is Restorative Practice?

“RP is a way of dealing with conflict peacefully and fairly. It promotes a safe, caring environment where problems can be resolved successfully. It encourages children to take responsibility for their actions and to think about how their behaviour affects others.”

How does it work?

“When disputes happen at school we use Restorative Words. We ask questions like…

  • What happened ?

  • What were you thinking when it happened ?

  • How were you feeling ?

  • How has this affected others and how did it make them feel ?

  • What can you do to make things better ?

  • How can we make sure this doesn’t happen again ?”

Does it work?

“Yes! Children respond very positively when they feel they are being listened to and treated fairly. The children are learning to be better listeners and to think about other people’s feelings. They are also learning to resolve conflicts and disputes themselves.”

Queensbridge is a lead school in Restorative Practices. If you have any questions or want to know more about RP please come and see Sam our Restorative Practices Lead.

For more information about Restorative Approaches, please watch the video below.

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