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History and geography

This half term, Reception have been enjoying learning more about travel and transport. They enjoyed going on a local walk to identify different forms of transport in the local area.

In years 1-6, we have been enjoying exploring the different objects and artefacts in our new Topic boxes. Each term, year groups 1-6 receive Topic Boxes from Islington Library filled with fascinating artefacts that help the pupils to delve deeper into their history and geography topics. Year 1 have a model of a Pudding Lane house to learn more about the Great Fire of London. Year 2 and 3 guessed their new topics by identifying the different objects on their tables. Year 2 have been mesmerised by replica artefacts that Ernest Shackleton used on his journey to the South Pole. In year 3, we now have a brilliant model of the Day of the Dead celebration on display which is helping us learn more about Mexican customs and traditions. Year 6 pupils have been amazed with their Turtle and fossils which are helping them to connect to their topic on Darwin and Evolution. What have been the most interesting artefacts you have found in your Topic Box? What did you learn from this artefact?

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