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Measuring progress ARP

Queensbridge will use the SCERTS model to measure progress

Queensbridge will use the SCERTS model ( this is an

assessment tool that helps to monitor the child’s progress.

The SCERTS model is a research-based educational approach that directly

addresses the difficulties faced by children with ASD. It draws on

a multi-professional approach and focuses on building skills in;

  • Social Communication 6 (communicating with others),

  • Emotional Regulation (helping the child stay calm and alert)

  • Transactional Support (how people and visuals support the child to

      understand and cope with their world and experiences).

  • SCERTS targets will form part of a Support Plan for all children with a diagnosis of Autism.

  • All pupils with an ARP place will be assessed yearly against their social communication (SC) and emotional regulation (ER) development. This assessment is conducted by the Speech and Language Therapist and the Assistant Head for Inclusion.

  • Opportunities to practice these skills are imbedded into weekly and medium term planning.

 At Queensbridge we have developed our own system of assessing children’s progress and attainment in numeracy and literacy [speaking and listening, reading and writing]. It is based on the whole school assessment system ‘Chris Quigley: Depth of Learning’ whereby children work towards milestones.

The SEN assessment documents have been prepared to enable a cohesive, consistent way to assess and track progress of our children who are currently working below age expected levels to such an extent that they are not achieving Milestone 1. It is called ‘Shells and Pebbles.’

Pebbles are the stepping stones needed to get to Milestone 1. There are 3 pebbles for children to progress until they reach Milestone 1. Shells should be used if a child is thought to be attaining below pebble 1. It is a tool to aid and guide when considering those children who are finding learning most challenging.

Staff begin assessing by looking at the Milestone 1 descriptors for the curriculum area and if a child is not achieving these, move to the Pebbles and then onto Shells, until an appropriate ‘best fit’ level for the child is found.

Each Pebble or Shell has a clear set of descriptors. A tracking sheet has been devised which shows progression between the Shells and Pebbles to support all staff in the assessment process.

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